Industrial Touch Screen Computers With Built-In Keyboards

What exactly is an Industrial Touch Screen Computer? An industrial touch screen computer is a multi-touch display monitor/pad and keyboard/ joystick combination that is integrated into a single unit, making an industrial-quality computing solution that is capable of surviving even harsh deployment in various unfavorable environment. In the past, such type of computer systems were generally used in warehouses, factories, automotive manufacturing plants, hospitals and other applications that require constant access to data. They allowed users to enter data into the system through the keyboard or joystick, and then, as the information was processed, visual images were shown on the screen. These types of systems were usually controlled via an electrical connection and could be responsive only to specific types of commands.

With the advent of industrial computers, their use became widespread. Now, they are found in offices, warehouses, automotive factories, hospitals and many other work environments. These units are able to track employee activities and performance. They allow a warehouse worker to enter the product order information for a machine or piece of equipment, locate and select tools, locate a tool when it is out of service and monitor the progress of work as it is being carried out. The capabilities are endless.

Today, there are industrial touchscreen PC computers available in both tablet-style and smartphone-style form. Tablet PCs is small, portable devices that fit neatly in a briefcase or backpack. Tablet PC’s has a resistive or Capacitive screen that respond to touch or pressure. A smartphone style industrial computer is also portable but features a touch-screen display and keyboard for input and screen viewing.

While both kinds of touchscreen industrial computers are useful, smartphone style PCs offer additional functions. Some smartphones now include video recording, weather reports, music playback and Internet browsing. Some manufacturers are integrating social media and networking capabilities with their industrial PC designs. These devices are ideal not only for companies but for individuals too.

Another benefit of the smartphone-style industrial touchscreen computer is portability. Rather than being tied down by a computer keyboard and monitor, these pics are easily carried from location to location. They are also more energy efficient than traditional laptops. The additional functions and mobility make them popular with both home and business users. Manufacturers are quick to jump on the bandwagon, however, with many models priced in the $300 range and above. These devices are proving to be excellent value for money.

The future holds many unknowns. Will touch screen computers with built-in keyboards really be practical in businesses? Will a touchscreen PC really be practical for home use? Will the industrial PC truly replace the laptop? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – this new technology will only continue to grow and develop. Read more about this topic here:

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